We will list frequently asked questions.Please refer to it when making a reservation or using the service.

What rental items do you have?

We have rental items that you tend to forget when camping.For more informationUsage fee pagePlease see.

We do not rent out tents and tarps, so please bring your own.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There may be various circumstances such as bad weather or sudden poor physical condition of the child, so we do not charge a cancellation fee.

Please let us know at least 3 days before your stay.

Can I use fire to cook in the cottage/bungalow?

No firearms are allowed inside the bungalows.Please refrain from smoking.Enjoy BBQ and cooking outdoors.

The cottage has a kitchen, so you can cook in the room.

Can we have fireworks?

Fireworks are permitted on site.

As our campsite is located in nature surrounded by cedar trees, please observe the following as a precaution against fire.

  • Please tell the staff if you want to use fireworks.We will prepare a bucket (water).
  • Fireworks should be held at the multipurpose square.It is prohibited anywhere else.
  • The time will be until XNUMX:XNUMX pm.
  • Hand-held fireworks and jet fireworks (not large ones) are OK.
  • Skyrocket fireworks, rocket fireworks, rotating fireworks, and firecrackers (things that shoot up high, sparks fly around, make loud noises) are prohibited.
Can I use the bungalow for a day trip?

You can use it.

For day use, half of the accommodation fee will be charged as a usage fee.

For further information, please read Usage fee pagePlease see.

If you have any other questions or concerns,Inquiry pagePlease contact us.