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Suginoko Campsite

bungalow village

"Suginoko Campground Bungalow Village" in Itadori, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture has bungalows, auto camps, large lodges, day camp squares,Barrel saunaWe offer a variety of facilities and activities that everyone from adults to children can enjoy.

Feel the fragrance of the forest that cannot be experienced in the city, listen to the chirping of wild birds,
Why not make memories while camping while enjoying the rich nature and the flowing emerald green Itadori River?

You can enjoy duo camping, group camping, solo camping, family camping, and sauna camping.

At the camp, you can use the following four camp facilities.

bungalow area

About 60 bungalows are available for a comfortable stay.All rooms are equipped with AC power and air purifiers.You can also have a BBQ in front of your bungalow.

auto camp site

The spacious auto camp site is a popular area.It is also possible to come by camper and stay in the car.There is also a forest site for those who want to enjoy quietly.

Large lodge (cottage)

A large cottage that can accommodate up to 30 to 35 people.It is a two-story building with an atrium and a spacious interior space.There is also a kitchen and a refrigerator, so you can enjoy cooking in the room.It is popular for children's parties and club training camps.

Day camp square

At the day camp square, you can enjoy BBQ by the river.Playing in the river and BBQ are the best combination.Since it is a free site, you can set up a tarp wherever you like.

There are also convenient facilities such as a kitchen (kitchen), barbecue house, and open space.

Cooking field (conditioning field)

There is a kitchen that can be used by a large number of people at the same time.Rice cooked in a kamado is a little different.There is also a garbage dump.

shower, flush toilet

Equipped with clean showers and flush toilets with bidets.This is safe for children and women.

BBQ house

BBQ house

There is also a BBQ area that can be used by a large number of people.It has a roof so you can rest assured even on rainy days.

Multipurpose open space

It is a spacious multi-purpose plaza where you can have a campfire.You can also enjoy fireworks in this space.

Table tennis room

There is a "table tennis room" next to the management.A popular spot that can be enjoyed even on rainy days.Please use the table tennis room on days when you cannot play in the river.

Barrel sauna

Barrel sauna has opened from June 2023.Please enjoy the collaboration of the clear stream of Itadori River and the hot sauna.

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Suginoko Campsite

business information

Suginoko Campsite Bungalow Village is open as follows.

Business day

All Year

Times Available

For overnight camps





For day camp

9:00am ~ 17:00am

Rental equipment

Blanket / pillow / rice cooker / iron plate / pan / kettle / tableware / cutting board / kitchen knife / firewood / barbecue stove / long table / chair / blue sheet / refrigerator etc.



〒501-2901 Itadori Hoki, Seki City, Gifu Prefecture

Access by car

About XNUMX minutes by car from Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway Mino IC.
(Route from Mino City to Horado, Seki City to Itadori.)

About XNUMX minutes by car from Tokai Hokuriku Expressway Gujo Hachiman IC.
(Gujo Hachiman - Hachimancho Nabi - Taraga Tunnel - Itadori.)

Route 256 About XNUMX minutes by car from near Nagarabashi, Gifu City.
(Nagara, Gifu City - Takatomi, Yamagata City - Horado, Seki City - Itadori.)

Google Maps

Google Map

Please also see this detailed guide.

① In front of Ichirihogi Hydrangea Garden along National Route XNUMX, you will see a large sign (on the right side if coming from Gifu City or Mino City).

② Turn right at this sign.

③ Go down the slope a little. ※There is a municipal public toilet on the right.

④ As soon as you go down the slope, there is a parking lot square with a shop, but this is the reception of another campsite (Swiss Village), so please pass by.

⑤ If a woman comes out and stops you, please tell her, "I have a reservation at Bungalow Village." * Suginoko Campsite Bungalow Village and Swiss Village (formerly Tent Village) are managed separately, so please do not make a mistake.

⑥ Continue on the paved road. *There is an information board for our campsite.

⑦ You will see a concrete bridge, so please cross it.

⑧The other side of this bridge is Suginoko Campsite Bungalow Village.

⑨ After crossing the bridge, you will see a bungalow on your left.

⑩ You will see the reception administration building on your right.

⑪ We have arrived.First of all, please register here and enjoy the camp slowly.

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